Have you ever loved someone ? If so how did if feel ? How do you know it's really love ? How much did it hurt ?




have i ever loved someone, yes, i have, not too long ago. how does it feel? it feels like everything you’d ever dream of and so much more, it feels like the calm of listening to the rain tap on your windows, it feels like the 5 am sunrise in you favorite place, it feels like butterflies in your belly, it feels like you’re dreaming because it seems way too good to be reality, it feels like you could conquer anything and everything, its one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. how did i know it was real? i knew it was real because, everything that happened to me i couldn’t wait to tell her every little detail, when i woke up in the morning the first thing i wanted to do was roll over and see her absolutely beautiful face, calm and sleeping, one of the best sights I’ve ever seen, falling asleep in her arms, it felt like i couldn’t be safer anywhere else. i knew it was real because it felt so raw, every emotion. i knew it was real because when i looked at her i saw the world, i saw my future, my wife, my life. i knew it was real because she meant everything to me and i give up everything i had if it meant having one more day with her. how much did it hurt? it still hurts to this day, our song comes on and i cry, i see pictures of us and i want it back, i wish for the memories, for the way that things were, i wish or the days where we just laid in each others arms and nothing else matters, i still cry myself to sleep sometimes, it still feels like my heart is broken, it feels like I’m empty, and that something is missing and i know thats because she’s no longer in my life. i don’t look at the sunset the same, or starry nights, or snow days, i don’t listen to the same music, or love the color green, i don’t like to look into peoples eyes bc i compare them to how her beautiful brown eyes looked. so to answer your question how much did it hurt? more than you’ll ever know, but its the only kind of hurt worth going through.

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